JOHNSON The Johnson Library and Museum (JLM)
is a Missouri Non-Profit Corporation. It maintains a Library which contains some 35,000 items (Books, periodicals, pamphlets). Many of the books are old and rare; some date from the 1500s. Click here for more information concerning books. JLM also exhibits some 3,000 non-print or museum items. These include a number of collections, numerous framed pictures and documents, foreign coins and buttons, etc. Click here for more information about Museum Items. JLM's activities now extend through four buildings which have been connected to form a single structure.

JLM was organized as a Missouri nonprofit corporation in 1999. It was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) entity in 1999, and assigned EIN 43-1863313. It is governed by a Board of Directors of eight persons including its president Thomas M. Johnson II, a grandson of its founder. None of its officers or directors receives any compensation for services rendered to JLM. It is supported by a small income from endowment funds and by gifts. A number of books have been received as gifts.

Publications for Sale

Certain publications from the period 1880 - 1910, written or edited by Thomas M. Johnson, have been preserved and a limited number of these are now offered for sale. These items are NOT reprints; they are the original publications which have been in storage in Osceola, Missouri, since their publication. (Two exceptions are Platonist Vol. 1 No. 4, and Vol. 2 No. 2. These have been duplicated from sole surviving originals.) All copies are in good condition.

Details are given on the Books Page

For a brief description of the major subjects represented in the JLM book collections, click here to see a Listing of Our Books and Collections. For information on a particular book or subject, click here to view a Partial Listing of Our Books. For infomation on visiting JLM, click here to Visit Us.

For information regarding donations to JLM, click here. For information regarding Thomas M. Johnson (1851 - 1919) whose collections began remain the heart of JLM, click here.

For questions regarding JLM, click here to email or write to:

PO Box 375
Osceola, MO  64776  USA

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