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JLM will be glad to permit access to any book for reading or study. Most books can be transferred for study to St. Clair County library, which is also located in Osceola. Some books are too fragile to be moved. If desired, a copy can be made at the expense of the reader.

Publications for Sale

Certain publications from the period 1880 - 1910, written or edited by Thomas M. Johnson, have been preserved and a limited number of these are now offered for sale. These items are NOT reprints; they are the original publications which have been in storage in Osceola, Missouri, since their publication. (Two exceptions are Platonist Vol. 1 No. 4, and Vol. 2 No. 2. These have been duplicated from sole surviving originals.) All copies are in good condition.

Prices are as follows (prices include postage):

Platonist Vol. 1 (7 issues) $125.00
Platonist Vol. 2 (12 issues) $125.00
Platonist Vol. 3 (12 issues) $150.00
Platonist Vol. 4 (6 issues) $75.00
Bibliotheca Platonica (4 issues) $100.00
Iamblichus $100.00
Opuscula Platonica $75.00
Proclus $100.00
Single of Platonist $25.00
Single of Bibliotheca Platonica $30.00

For further information, or to order books, contact:

Tom Johnson
JohnsonLibrary @ (

Our Collections

The Platonist and Bibliotheca Platonica. Thomas M. Johnson published these periodicals during the 1880's. They deal with Platonic Philosophy.

Proclus' Metaphysical Elements (1909), Exhortation of Iamblichus (1907) and Opuscula Platonica (1908). Thomas M. Johnson also produced these studies in Platonic philosophy.

Works of Thomas Taylor , the English Platonist (1758-1835). The Library contains more than 20 volumes written or translated by Thomas Taylor.

Books of the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries . More than 100 volumes are in this group. They would be of interest to those studying the intellectual history of this period, as well as those interested in the early development of books and printing.

Greek Literature . More than 500 volumes are in this group. Many are in Greek. Others are translations. Both Thomas M. Johnson and his son Franklin P. Johnson (1896-1975) were Greek scholars. Related works deal with Greek life, history and religion.

Early English Literature . A substantial collection of books dates from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Theosophy Movement . This religious and philosophical movement flourished about 1900, combining a spiritualistic outlook with some Indian ideas. Books by or about Helen Blavatsky and Annie Besant are included.

Magic and the Occult . This subject matter has roots in earlier centuries, e.g. Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535). Later works include Haute Magic by Eliphas Levi (Paris, 1861).

Early Reference Works . Notable examples are Suidas' Lexicon ed. Kuster (1705) in three large volumes with parallel columns in Greek and Latin, Bayle's Dictionary (1736) in five large volumes, and Pauly Wissowa Real Encyclopadie in German, 27 volumes (1910).

India . The library has some 300 volumes relating to India. Most of these came from the estate of Helen M. Johnson, the only daughter of Thomas M. Johnson. She was a Sanskrit scholar and lived in India for several years.

Foreign Literature . Substantial collections reflect the cultures of several countries. Thus, there are some 200 volumes of French literature and history. Many are English translations, but many are in French. Smaller collections include literatures of Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain and Latin America.

Children's Literature . About 150 volumes are children's literature from the period around 1900. Many of these were given to Franklin P. Johnson when he was aged about 5-15.

Law Books and Economic Books . About 1000 law books remain from the legal career of Thomas M. Johnson II. Also some 1500 economics books survive from his 20 years as an economics teacher.

Latin Language and Literature . Over 200 volumes are in this group. Most of the extant Latin authors are represented. Several of the books date from the 1600s and 1700s.

Ancient Art and Archeology . Many of these books reflect the interest of Franklin P. Johnson, a classical archeologist. They include detailed drawings of ancient monuments and statues and detailed accounts of the excavations that brought the ancient civilizations to the knowledge of modern scholars.

Early Travel Books . The library has over 100 volumes of travel books printed before 1914. These cover several areas in Europe and Asia.

Early Periodicals . A substantial number of periodicals are from period 1700-1850. These are from both England and America. From England are Rambler and Spectator from the 1700s, from America a Godey's Lady Book from 1835.

Periodicals of Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries . Some, as Youth's Companion, are interesting as reflecting American culture and life in the 1880's. Atlantic Monthly and McClure's are from the 1890's. Others reflect an interest in Indian thought such as Buddhism (1905) and Hindustan Review (1903-1909).

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