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# Title Author (last name, first name) Publisher/Translator/Editor Date Language
1 A Shakespearean Grammar Abbott, E.A., D.D. MacMillan and Co. 1884
2 Addisoniana, 2 Vols. Addison, Joseph 1803
3 Miscellaneous Works, 3 Vols. Addison, Joseph Jacob Tonson 1726
4 Sir Roger de Coverley Papers Addison, Joseph Zelma Gray, editor 1915
5 The Spectator, 8 Vols. Addison, Joseph 1753
6 The Works of Addison, 5 Vols. Addison, Joseph G.P. Putnam & Co. 1853
7 2 Vols Aeschylus Boissonade, Curante Jo. Fr. 1825 Greek
8 The Poetical Works Of Mark Akenside Akenside, Mark Bell and Daldy 1859
9 The Poetical Works Of Mark Akenside Akenside, Mark James Nichol 1857
10 Platonicam Philosophiam Introductio Alcinus Litchfieldianis 1667 Greek and Latin
11 Epistles Alciphron Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson; Leigh and Sotheby; and R. Faulder 1791
12 De templis Graecorvm Recentioribvs Allativs, Leo Iodocus Kalcovinus 1645 Latin
13 Commentary on Porphyry Ammonius 1545 Latin
14 A Short Introduction of Grammar Generally To Be Used Anon. 1675
15 Admiranda Rerum Admirabillium Encomia Anon. 1676 Latin
16 Defeat Of The Fairys. Handwritten Anon. 1732
17 Golden Remains Of The Ever Memorable Mr. John Hales Anon. 1688
18 Guillaume de Guilville Anon. Hill, Nathaniel, ed. 1858
19 Historia Deorum Fatidicorum Anon. Geneva, Petrus Chovet Latin
20 Poems by Several Hands. Handwritten Anon. 1759
21 Poems: The Pleasures Of Imagination Anon. R. Dodsley 1744
22 Secretorum Magicorum Opus. Anon. 1663 Latin
23 The Letters Of Junius Anon. 1788
24 The Romance Of The Rose (Imitated From Chaucer) Anon. Jonah Sowyer, pub. 1721
25 Two Discourses Concerning Divine Communications Anon. 1697
26 Who Wrote That? Anson, W.S.W. George Routledge & Sons, Ltd. N. D.
27 Historia Chronica Antiocheni, Joannis 1691 Greek
28 Apuleius' Golden Ass Apuleius Taylor, Thomas
29 Metamorphosis, Or Golden Ass, And Philosophical Works, Of Apuleius Apuleius Taylor, Thomas 1822
30 Metamorphosis, Or Golden Ass, And Philosophical Works, Of Apuleius Apuleius Thomas Taylor, trans. 1822
31 Opera Omnia Apuleius 1610 Latin
32 The Fable Of Cupid And Psyche Apuleius et al. Taylor, Thomas 1795
33 Political Fragments of Archytas, Charondas, Zaleucus and Other Ancient Pythagoreans Archytas et. al. Taylor, Thomas 1822
34 Comoediae, 3 Vols. Aristophanes R. F. P. Brunck 1814
35 The Rhetoric and Poetic of Aristotle Aristotle Taylor, Thomas 1821
36 The Rhetoric, Poetic, And Nicomachean Ethics Of Aristotle, 2 Vols. Aristotle A.J. Valpy 1818
37 Translations From The Greek Aristotle et al. Taylor, Thomas 1804
38 The Miscellaneous Works Of John Armstrong, M.D. Armstrong, John M.D. L. Flin 1767
39 The Schoolmaster Ascham, Roger Educational Publishing Co. N. D.
40 Miscellanies Upon Various Subjects Aubrey, John John Russell Smith 1857
41 Opera Ausonius Jacobus Tollius 1671 Latin
42 Emma Austen, Jane Richard Bentley and Son 1886
43 Mansfield Park Austen, Jane Richard Bentley and Son 1892
44 Northanger Abbey Austen, Jane Richard Bentley and Son 1892
45 Pride And Prejudice Austen, Jane Richard Bentley and Son 1891
46 Sense and Sensibility Austen, Jane Richard Bentley and Son 1886
47 Essays Bacon, Francis Ernest Rhys, editor 1922
48 The Cure of Old Age Bacon, Roger Richard Browne 1683
49 Junius's Letters Baker, E.H., Esq. John Bohn 1828
50 Argenis Barclay, John 1582-1621 Latin
51 Argenis Barclay, John 1669 Latin
52 Samuel Johnson Bate, W. Jackson 1977
53 Life And Correspondence Of Samuel Johnson, D.D. Beardsley, E. Edwards 1874
54 The Episodes Of Vathek Beckford, William Sir Frank T. Marzials, trans 1912
55 Vathek, An Arabian Tale Beckford, William Gibbings & Co. 1900
56 Axiomata Philosophica Bedae, Venerabilis 1618 Latin
57 The Epistles Of Jacob Behmen Behmen, Jacob Tr. From German 1649
58 The Fair Jilt and The Nun Behn, Aphra The Temple Co. N. D.
59 English Literature Benham, Allen Rogers Books For Libraries Press 1970
60 Bentleii Critica Sacra Bentley, Richard Ellis, Arthur Ayres Deighton, Bell and Co. 1862
61 Dissertatio de Phalaridis, Themistoclis, Euripidis, Aliorumqe Epistolis et de Fabulis Aesopi Bentley, Richard Ioannes Daniel A Lennep 1777 Latin
62 The Epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides, and the Fables of Aesop Bentley, Richard Wilhelm Wagner, Ph.D. 1883
63 Sermons Preached at Boyles Lecture Bentley, Richard D.D. Rev. Alexander Dyce 1838
64 Dissertations Upon The Epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides, and Upon the Fables of Aesop: Also Epistola Ad Joannem Millium, 2 Vols. Bentley, Richard, D.D. Rev. Alexander Dyce 1836
65 Milton's Paradise Lost Bentley, Richard, D.D. Jacob Tonson 1732
66 Approaches To Poetry Blair, Walter and W.K. Chandler D. Appleton-Century Co. 1935
67 De Consolatione Philosophiae Boetius Ioh. Bernartius 1607 Latin
68 De Consolatione Philosophiae Boetius 1668 Latin
69 De Consolatione Philosophiae Boetius 1640 Latin
70 Boswell For The Defense 1769-1774 Boswell, James Pottle, editor 1959
71 Boswell In Holland 1763-1764 Boswell, James Frederick A. Pottle, editor 1952
72 Boswell In Search Of A Wife Boswell, James Pottle, Frank Brady, editor 1956
73 Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763 Boswell, James Frederick A. Pottle, editor 1950
74 The Earlier Years 1740-1769 Boswell, James Pottle, ed. Mcgraw-Hill Book Co., Inc. 1966
75 The Journal Of A Tour To The Hebrides, With Samuel Johnson, Ll.D. Boswell, James Cadell, Davies, pub. 1812
76 The Ominous years 1774-1776 Boswell, James Pottle, ed. 1963
77 Dr. Bentley's Dissertations on the Epistles of Phalaris, and the Fables of Aesop, Examined Boyle, Charles Tho. Bennet 1698
78 The Pleasures Of Imagination Brewer, John Farrar Straus Giroux 1997
79 The Immortality Of The Soul Browne, Isaac Hawkins John Lettice, B.D., trans 1795
80 Religio Medici Browne, Sir Thomas J. Torbuck 1736
81 Religio Medici Facsimile of 1642 ed. Browne, Sir Thomas Elliot Stock 1883
82 The Religio Medici Browne, Sir Thomas Thomas Y. Crowell & Co N. D.
83 The Works Of Sir Thomas Browne, 3 Vols. Browne, Sir Thomas Charles Sanle, ed. 1904
84 Radical Dr. Smollett Bruce, Donald Houghton Mifflin Co 1965
85 Poematum, 2 Vols. Buchanani, Georgii Latin
86 The Pilgrim's Progress Bunyan, John Robert Maguire, ed. N. D.
87 The Pilgrim's Progress, 2 Vols. Bunyan, John George Newnes, Ltd 1901
88 The Works Of John Bunyan, 3 Vols. Bunyan, John George Offor, Esq. 1857
89 The Works Of Edmund Burke, Volume 2 Burke, Edmond Harper & Brothers 1860
90 The Works Of Edmund Burke, Volume 3 Burke, Edmund Harper & Brothers 1860
91 The Complete Works Of Robert Burns Burns, Robert Alexander Smith, editor 1896
92 Hudibras Butler, Samuel 1809
93 The Poetical Works Of Samuel Butler, 2 Vols. Butler, Samuel James Nichol 1854
94 Light On The Path C.,M. The Rajput Press N. D.
95 Opera Callimachus 1824 Latin
96 Anglarensis Caninii, Angeli Parisiis ? 1578
97 Arguments Of Celsus, Porphyry, And The Emperor Julian, Against The Christians Celsus et al. Thomas Taylor, tr. 1830
98 English Literature In Account With Religion Chapman, Edward Mortimer Houghton Mifflin Co 1910
99 The Riches Of Chaucer Chaucer Clarke, C. C., ed. 1896
100 The Canterbury Tales Chaucer, Geoffery Nevill Coghill, trans 1951
101 The Poems Of Geoffrey Chaucer Chaucer, Geoffery Whittaker & Co. 1841
102 The Student's Chaucer Chaucer, Geoffery Rev. Walter W. Skeat, editor 1894
103 Troilus And Criseyde Chaucer, Geoffery George Phillip Krapp, trans. 1932
104 Shakespeare Of London Chute, Marchette E.P. Dutton Co., Inc. 1949
105 Opera Claudianus 1616 Latin
106 Various History Claudius Aelianus Thomas, Stanley 1666
107 Hesychios Lexicon Cornelius Schrevelius 1668 Greek
108 The Works Of Abraham Cowley, 2 Vols. Cowley, Abraham 1710
109 Poems Crabbe, George Cassell & Co., Ltd. 1886
110 Poems Of Richard Crashaw Crashaw, Richard 1887
111 Animadversiones Philologicae et Historicae, 8 Vols. Crenius, Thomas 1697 Latin
112 Chapters In The History Of English Literature Crofts, Ellen 1884
113 Elegant and Learned Discourse of the Light of Nature Culverwel, Nathanael 1654
114 The Observer Cumberland, Richard Jones & Co. 1825
115 The Observer, 6 Vols. Cumberland, Richard C. Dilly 1798
116 The Forest Youth Curling, Captain Eli Charles Eginton & Co. 1853
117 Who Did That? Curtis, J.C.R. & Muriel A. Curle George Routledge & Sons, Ltd. N. D.
118 De Asse Cvillielmi Bvdaei Parisiensisse Aldus 1522 Latin
119 Monas Hieroglyphica Dee, John 1564 Latin
120 Life And Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe Defoe, Daniel Rand McNally & Co. 1916
121 The Life And Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Defoe, Daniel W. Kent & Co. 1858
122 The Anatomy Of Melancholy (Satire of Burton) Democritus Junior Thomas Tegg 1845
123 De Quintessentia Philosophorum Dickinson, Edmundi 1686 Latin
124 English Literature In The Early Eighteenth Century Dobree, Bonamy Clarendon Press 1959
125 John Donne's Poems Donne, John Hugh I'Anson Fausset, editor 1958
126 The Great Cryptogram, 2 Vols. Donnelly, Ignatius R.S. Peale & Co. 1888
127 A Cypress Grove Drummond, William 1751
128 Academical Questions Drummond, William 1805
129 The Poetical Works Of William Drummond Drummond, William William B Turnbull, editor 1890
130 The Poetical Works Of John Dryden, 2 Vols. Dryden, John Rev. George Gilfillan 1855
131 The Miscellaneous Works Of John Dryden, Efq., 4 Vols. Dryden, John, Efq. 1760
132 Characteristicks Of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times, 3 Vols. Earl Of Shaftesbury, Anthony 1723
133 Characteristics Of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times, Etc., 2 Vols. Earl Of Shaftesbury, Anthony Grant Richards 1900
134 A Short History Of Shakespearean Criticism Eastman, Arthur M. Random House 1968
135 The History Of Hai Eb'n Yockdan, An Indian Prince Eb'n Tophail, Abi Jaafar Edu. Pocock 1686
136 Early English Metrical Romances Elliss, George Esq. Henry G. Bohn 1848
137 Epicteti Enchiridion, et Cebetis Tabula Epictetus 1670 Greek and Latin
138 Epicteti Stoici Philosophi Enchiridion Epictetus Hieronymo Wolfio 1670 Latin
139 Principivm Philologicvm Erico, Petro 1686 Latin
140 Humanae Linguae Genesis Ericus, Petri Johannis 1697 Latin
141 Philosophy Eunapius C. Plantinus 1568
142 Works, 5 Vols. Euripides Boissonade, Curante Jo. Fr. 1825 Greek
143 The Diary Of John Evelyn, 2 Vols. Evelyn, John William Bray 1907
144 Prima Scaligerana Fabri, T. 1669 Latin
145 De Triplici Vita Ficinus, Marsilius 1489 Latin
146 De Triplici Vita Ficinus, Marsilius 1511 Latin
147 The History Of Tom Jones Fielding, Henry Modern Library N. D.
148 The History Of Tom Jones, 3 Vols. in 1 Fielding, Henry A.L. Burt, publisher N. D.
149 The Adventures Of David Simple Fielding, Sarah George Routledge & Sons, Ltd. 1904
150 Opera Flacci, Q. Horati Ludovicus Elzevir 1612 Latin
151 The English Language Fowler, William C. Harper & Brothers 1859
152 The English Rogue, 4 Vols. Francis Kirkman and Richard Head. Henry Marsh 1665
153 Bibliotheca Scriptorum, ac Poetarum Latinorum Friedemann, Frid. Traug. 1840 Latin
154 Die Antiken Gemmen, 3 Vols. Furtwangler, Adolph Giesecke & Devrient 1900 German
155 Intermezzi Furtwangler, Adolph Giesecke & Devrient 1896
156 Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture Furtwangler, Adolph Eugenie Sellers 1895
157 Bonnie Price Charlie Fyfe, W.T. Andersons, Edinburgh, Ltd. N. D.
158 Curiositates 2 Vols. Gaffarelli, Jacobus 1676 Latin
159 Abdita Divinae Cabalae Mysteria Gaffarellvm, Iacobvm 1625 Latin
160 Unheard-Of Curiosities Gafferal, James Edmund Chilmead 1650
161 Vision & Vesture, A Study Of William Blake In Modern Thought Gardner, Charles J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd 1916
162 William Blake, Painter and Poet Garnett, Richard Seeley and Co. 1895
163 Four Books on Introduction to Grammar Gazae, Theodori NIC. BRYL. 1540 Latin
164 Dr. Johnson As A Grecian Gennadius, J. 1898
165 Miscellaneous Works Of Edward Gibbon, 3 Vols. Gibbon, Edward 1796
166 Apotheosis Vel Consecratio Homeri Gisberto Cupero 1683 Latin
167 Choice and Useful Treatises Glanvill, Joseph 1682
168 Scepsis Scientifica Glanvill, Joseph John Owen, editor 1885
169 St. Leon, 2 Vols. Godwin, William 1800
170 Robinson Crusoeus Goffaux, F.J. 1820 Latin
171 Phililogicarum Epistolarum Goldastus, Melchior H. 1674 Latin
172 She Stoops To Conquer Goldsmith, Oliver Thomas H. Dickenson, editor 1908
173 Scottish Men Of Letters In The Eighteenth Century Graham, Henry Grey Adam and Charles Black 1901
174 An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard Gray, Thomas J.P. Lippincott & Co. 1883
175 Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard Gray, Thomas John Van Voorst 1839
176 The Works Of Thomas Gray In Prose And Verse, 4 Vols. Gray, Thomas Edmund Gosse 1902
177 The Works Of Thomas Gray, 2 Vols. Gray, Thomas 1807
178 Literature and Life, Book Four Greenlaw, Edwin and Dudley Miles Scott, Foresman, and Co. 1929
179 Fax Artivm Liberalivm, 5 Vols. Gruterns, Ianus 1602 Latin
180 Memorable Things Guidonis Pancirolli Henrico Salmuth 1646 Latin
181 Aelii Aristidis, 2 Vols. Gulielmo 1603 Latin
182 A Platonicall Song of the Soul H. M. Roger Daniel 1642
183 S. Rom. Ecclesiae Cardinalis Hadrianvs Iacobum Simbenum 1570 Latin
184 Hermes, 4 Vols. Harris, James 1771
185 The Works of James Harris, Esq., 2 Vols. Harris, James Earl of Malmesbury 1801
186 Three Treatsises, 2 Vols. Harris, James 1765
187 Wissenschraft der Subjectiven Logik Hegel, Georg Wilh. Friedr. 1816 German
188 Wissenschraft der Logik Hegel, Wilh, Friedr. 1812 German
189 Wissenschraft der Logik Hegel, Wilh, Friedr. 1813 German
190 Orationum Heinsii, Danielis Nicolao Heinsio, Dan Latin
191 Poemata Latina et Graeca Heinsii, Danielis 1646 Latin and Greek
192 The Poetical Works Of George Herbert Herbert, George James Nichol 1853
193 Historiarum Libri 8 Herodianus 1678 Greek and Latin
194 Ascrae Hesiod Daniel Heinsius 1603
195 Works Hesiodus 1824
196 Boswell's Life Of Johnson, 6 Vols. Hill, George Birbeck, D.C.L. Harper & Brothers 1891
197 The Story Of A Midsummer Night's Dream Hoffman, Alice Spencer J.M. Dent & Co. N. D.
198 Iliad, 2 Vols. Homer 1756
199 Odessey, 2 Vols. Homer
200 Odyssea Homer N. D. Latin and Greek
201 Odyssea Homeri Stephanus Berglerus 1707 Greek
202 Opera Horace Gulielmus Pickering 1824 Latin
203 Works Horace Richard Bentleii 1713 Latin
204 Private Instructions In The Science And Art Of Organic Magnetism Hunt, Miss Chandos Leigh (Wallace) G. Wilson N. D. CA. 1900
205 Iamblichus' Life of Pythagoras Iamblichus Thomas Taylor, trans.
206 Iamblichus On The Mysteries Of The Egyptians, Chaldeans, And Assyrians Iamblichus Taylor, Thomas, tr. 1821
207 Iamblichus On The Mysteries Of The Egyptians, Chaldeans, And Assyrians Iamblichus Thomas Taylor 1895
208 Pinacotheca Imaginvm Iani Nicius Jo. Victorius Rosins (?) 1692 Latin
209 Shakespeare Hermeneutics Ingleby, C.M. Trubner & Co. 1875
210 Phalaridis Epistolae Ionnes Daniel A. Lennep L.C. Valckenaer 1777 Latin
211 Vaurien: Or, Sketches Of The Times, 2 Vols. Isaac Disraeli T. Cadell 1797
212 Memoir of Jane Austen J. E. Austen Leigh MacMillan and Co. 1901
213 New Torch to the Latin Tongue Jasz-Berenyi, Paul P. 1664
214 Bentley Jebb, R.C. MacMillan and Co. 1882
215 "I Promise" Jinarajadasa, C. Theosophical Publishing House 1915
216 The Lives Of The Most Eminent English Poets, 3 Vols. Johnson, Samuel 1821
217 The Rambler In Three Volumes, 3 Vols. Johnson, Samuel Strahan and Preston 1806
218 The Lives Of The Most Eminent English Poets: With Critical Observations On Their Works, 3 Vols. Johnson, Samuel, Ll.D. Thomas Davison 1821
219 Lexicon Chymicum Johnsonum, Gulielmum 1657
220 Food For the Mind Jones, Charles William 1859
221 The World's Greatest Sin Jones, Charles William Jones, Charles William 1861
222 Discourse Delivered Before The Asiatic Society Jones, Sir William W.H. Carpenter 1821
223 The Works Of Ben Jonson Jonson, Ben Edward Moxon 1838
224 Timber Jonson, Ben F. E. Schellins ed. 1892
225 Tracts, Philogical, Critical, And Miscellaneous, 2 Vols. Jortin, John, D.D. 1790
226 The Arguments of The Emperor Julian Against The Christians Julian Nevins, Willis 1873
227 The Arguments of The Emperor Julian Against The Christians Julian Thomas Taylor, trans. 1809
228 Two Orations Of The Emperor Julian Julian Taylor, Thomas 1793
229 What To Expect Of Shakespeare Jusserand, J.J. Oxford University Press 1911
230 Satyrae Juvenal J. Brindley 1744 Latin
231 The Eve of St Agnes Keats, John Anthony Treherne & Co, Ltd. 1904
232 Opvscvla Kempis, Thomas A. Stephanvs Sabriens 1535 Latin
233 Immortality Kenelm, Digby 1665
234 Metaphysicae Photinianae Keslero, Andrea Fridericus Bergerus 1648 Latin
235 Rubaiyat Khayyam, Omar Edward Fitzgerald 1898
236 Rubaiyat Khayyam, Omar N. D.
237 Essays, Moral and Literary, 2 Vols. Knox, Vicesimus, M.A. Charles Dilly 1784
238 Liberal Education Knox, Vicesimus, M.A. Charles Dilly 1782
239 Winter Evenings, 2 Vols. Knox, Vicesimus, M.A. Charles Dilly 1790
240 At The Feet Of The Master Krishnamurti, J. The Rajput Press 1911
241 Samuel Johnson Krutch, Joseph Wood Henry Holt & Co. 1944
242 The Lives, Opinions, And Remarkable Sayings Of The Most Famous Ancient Philosophers, 2 Vols. Laertius, Diogenes R. Bentley 1696
243 William Blake, A Study Of His Life And Artwork Langridge, Irene George Bell & Sons 1904
244 The Light Of Shakespeare Langton, Clare Elliot Stock 1897
245 Who Said That? Latham, Edward George Routledge & Sons, Ltd. N. D.
246 Who Was He? Latham, Edward George Routledge & Sons, Ltd. N. D.
247 De Linguae Latinae Elegantia Libri Sex Laurentius Valla 1529 Latin
248 Shakespeare And The Italian Renaissance Lee, Sir Sidney Oxford University Press 1915
249 Pro Templis, Gentilium Non Escindendis Libanius Antiochesnus Ialobus Gothofredus 1634 Latin
250 De Qvaestis Responsa Liceti, Fortvnii 1640 Latin
251 Die Skupturen Des Vaticanischen Museums Lippold, Goerg Walter De Gruyter & Co. 1956 German
252 Epimenides, or De Veterum Gentilium Lustrationibus Lomeiri, Johannis 1700 Latin
253 Advancement Of Learning Lord Bacon American Home Library Co. 1902
254 The Phisical And Metaphysical Works Of Lord Bacon Lord Bacon George Bell & Sons 1904
255 Studies In Chaucer, His Life And Writings, 3 Vols. Lounsbury, Thomas R. James R. Osgood 1892
256 Nonni Panopolitae Dionysiaca Lvbiinvm, Eilhardvm 1605 Latin
257 The Works Of George Lord Lyttelton, 2 Vols. Lyttelton, George Lord George Edward Ayscough, Esq. 1774
258 Miltoni Comus Lyttelton, Georgius Baro 1865 Greek
259 Macaulay's Life Of Samuel Johnson Macauley Hanson, Charles Lane, ed. Ginn & Co., pub. 1903
260 The Diary Of Master William Silence Madden, D.H. Longmans, Green, & Co. 1897
261 Secretis Mvliervm Magnvs, Albertvs 1643 Latin
262 Le Morte Darther, 2 Vols. Malory, Sir Thomas MacMillan and Co. 1900
263 The History Of King Arthur, 3 Vols. Malory, Sir Thomas Thomas Wright, Esq., M.A., F.S.A. editor 1889
264 Astronomicon Manilius Richard Bentley 1739
265 The Five Books Of M. Manilius Manilius "T. C." 1697
266 Dr. Faustus Friar Balon and Friar Bungay Marlowe and Greene Adolphus William Ward, Litt.D., editor 1901
267 Copia Graecorvn Mart. Rulando Michael Manger 1579
268 The Tarot Mathers, S.L. MacGregor George Redway 1888
269 Romae Antiquae Discriptio Maximus, Valerius Roger L'Estrange 1678 Latin
270 Introductory Lessons In English Literature McNeill, I.C., and S.A. Lynch American Book Company 1901
271 Elevsinia Mevrsi, Ioannis Eizevir 1619 Latin
272 An Introduction To The Prose And Poetical Works Of John Milton Milton, John Hiram Corson, ed. The MacMillan Co. 1899
273 Comus Milton, John George Routledge & Co. 1858
274 Paradise Lost Milton, John Thompson & Thomas N. D.
275 Poems Of John Milton Milton, John Thomas Nelson & Sons, Ltd.
276 The Poetical Works Of John Milton Milton, John The Astolat Press 1904
277 The Prose Works Of John Milton, 5 Vols. Milton, John Henry G. Bohn 1853
278 Tractate on Education Milton, John Oscar Browning, M.A., editor 1890
279 Paradise Ammisus, 2 Vols. Miltoni, Johannis Josepho Trapp, S.T.P., trans 1741 Latin
280 Paradise Ammisus, 2 Vols. Miltoni, Johannis A. Guilielmo Dobson, LL.E., trans 1750 Latin
281 De Eo, Quod Est Mocenici, M. Antonii Cominum 1559 Latin
282 The Life of Richard Bentley, 2 Vols. Monk, James Henry, D.D. J.G. & F. Rivington 1833
283 A History Of English Literature Moody, William Vaughn and Robert Morse Lovett Charles Scribbner's Sons 1906
284 The Poetical Works Of Thomas Moore Moore, Thomas John B. Alden 1884
285 The Poetical Works Of Thomas Moore, 2 Vols. Moore, Thomas Johnson, Fry And Co. N. D.
286 The Complete Poems Of Dr. Henry More More, Dr. Henry Rev. Alexander B. Grosart, LL.D., F.S.A., editor 1878
287 An Antidote Against Atheisme More, Henry 1653
288 Exercitationes de Lingua Primaeva Morino, Stephano Gulielmum Broedelet 1694 Latin
289 Institvtiones Absolvtissimae in Graecam Linguam N. Clenardo 1564 Latin
290 Elgantiae Graecae Linguae Neandri, Michaelis 1589 Latin
291 Diologi Nicolanus Leonicus Pub. Venice, Gregorius 1524 Greek
292 A Collection Of Micellanies Norris, John 1692
293 An Index To The Works Of Shakespeare O'Connor, Evangeline M. D. Appleton & Co. 1887
294 Argonaut Hymns and "Of Stones" Orpheus 1689 Greek
295 The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus Orpheus Taylor, Thomas 1824
296 The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus Orpheus Taylor, Thomas 1896
297 The Poems Of Ossian, 2 Vols. Ossian James MacPherson, Esq., trans. Hugh Campbell, ed. 1822
298 Greene's Pandosto, etc. P. G. Thomas, ed. Duffield & Co. 1907
299 Introduction To English Literature Painter, F.V.N. Sibley & Co. 1894
300 Intimations Of Immortality In The Sonnets Of Shakespeare Palmer, George Herbert Houghton Mifflin Co 1912
301 Like Master, Like Man Palmer, John 1811
302 Exercitationes Palmerii, Jacobi 1668 Latin
303 The History Of Memorable Things, etc. Pancirollus, Guido John Nicholson (?) 1715
304 Commentary On Milton's Paradise Lost Paterson, James M.A. R. Walker 1744
305 The Description of Greece by Pausanias, 3 Vols. Pausanius Thomas Taylor tr. 1824
306 The Description Of Greece, By Pausanius, 3 Vols. Pausanius Thomas Taylor, tr. 1794
307 The Diary Of Samuel Pepys, 3 Vols. Pepys, Samuel John Warrington, editor 1953
308 Philosophi, Oratoris et Poetae Petrarch Samuel Crifpinum 1601 Latin
309 Artis Kabbalisticeae Petrus Morestellus Melchior Mondiere 1621 Latin
310 Variarum et Antiquarum Petrus, Victorius Lazari Zetzneri 1609 Latin
311 Opera Pico Della Mirandola 1504 Latin
312 Works Pindarus Boissonade, Curante Jo. Fr. 1825
313 Anecdotes Of The Late Samuel Johnson, Ll.D. During The Last Twenty Years Of His Life Piozzi, Heather Lynch T. Caddell 1786
314 The Case For Shakespeare's Authorship Of the Famous Victories Pitcher, Seymour M. Alvin Redman 1962
315 Opera Plato Naldus Nandius, ed. 1491 Latin
316 Platonis Opera Plato Marsilii Ficini, ed. Simon Gryneus 1532
317 The Cratylus, Phaedo, Parmenides and Timaeus of Plato Plato Taylor, Thomas 1793
318 The Parmenides Of plato: A Dialogue On The Gods Plato Taylor, Thomas 1885
319 Five Books of Plotinus Plotinus Taylor, Thomas 1794
320 Select Works of Plotinus Plotinus Taylor, Thomas 1895
321 Select Works Of Plotinus Plotinus Taylor, Thomas 1817
322 Treatises of Plotinus on Suicide Plotinus Thomas Taylor, trans. 1834
323 Treatises of Plotinus on Suicide Plotinus Thomas Taylor, trans. 1834
324 Klassisch-Antike Goldschmiedearbeiten Pollak, Ludwig Verlag Von Karl W. Hiersemann 1903 German
325 Alexander Pope, A Selection Pope, Alexander H. Ludeke, ed. 1945
326 The Complete Poetical Works Of Alexander Pope Pope, Alexander Thomas Y. Crowell & Co N. D.
327 The Works Of Alexander Pope, Esq., 9 Vols. Pope, Alexander Warburton, ed. 1757
328 Arte Critica Pope, Alexandri 1782 Latin
329 Plotini Vita Porphyrio Marsilio Ficino 1492 Latin
330 Select Works Of Porphyry Porphyry Taylor, Thomas 1823
331 Tracts and Miscellaneous Criticisms Porson, Richard Rev. Thomas Kidd, A.M. 1815
332 Universitate Postelli, Gvillelmi Lvgdvni Batavorvm 1635 Latin
333 Character and Conduct Poynter, Sir E.J. Henry Young & Sons 1906
334 The Secret Of Hamlet Preston, South G. The Abbey Press 1901
335 The Construction And Types Of Shakespeare's Verse As Seen In The Othello Price, Thomas R. Press Of The New York Shakespeare Society 1888
336 Solomon Prior, Matthaei Guil Dobson, tr. 1734 Latin
337 Proclus, Commentary on Plato's Cratylus Proclus Crevzero, Frid. 1820 Greek
338 The Lost Writings of Proclus Proclus Taylor, Thomas 1825
339 Two Treatises of Proclus, The Platonic Successor Proclus Thomas Taylor, trans. 1833
340 Opera Publius Terentius Afer Londini ? 1822 Latin
341 Mvsica Quintilian Meibomivs, Marcvs 1652 Greek and Latin
342 A Siciliam Romance, 2 Vols. Radcliffe, Ann T. Hookham 1840
343 Gaston de Blondeville, 3 Vols. Radcliffe, Ann Henry Colburn 1826
344 The Castles Of Athlin And Dunbayne Radcliffe, Ann T. Hookham 1789
345 The Italian, 2 Vols. Radcliffe, Ann T. Cadell 1797
346 The Mysteries Of Udolpho Radcliffe, Ann George Routledge & Sons, Ltd.
347 The Mysteries Of Udolpho, 4 Vols. Radcliffe, Ann G.G. and J. Robinson 1799
348 Hymns Of The Eastern Church Rev. J.M. Neale, D.D. J.T. Hayes 1863
349 Ptolemy's Mathematica Rheinholt, Erasmus 1549
350 The Life Of Alexander Pope Ruffhead, Owen, Esq. 1769
351 The Letters Of William Blake Russell, Archibald G.B. Methuen & Co. 1906
352 On The Gods And The World Sallust Thomas Taylor, trans. 1793
353 Opera Sallust Amar, J.A., ed. 1822 Latin
354 Funus Linquae Hellenisticae Salmasii, Cl. 1643 Latin
355 Hellenistica Commentarius Salmasii, Clavdii Elzevir 1643 Latin
356 De Cavsis Lingvae Latinae Libri Tredecim Scaligeri, Julius Caesaris 1540 Latin
357 Virgilivs Scholiis, Vt 1532
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